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Cyndi Hounouvi Poetry Collection 17 Micropoetry Teenage Poetry

My Baby Is Out!

"17" is now available for you.

".. This collection is a reminder that things will get better and you'll be fine. 

It's filled with reassuring words of wisdom and accountability as well as the honest sometimes overwhelming 

human experience.."

— Cyndi Hounouvi, the author about the poetry collection "17".

Reviews: "17" Around The World

Sophia D. (UK)

"What a gorgeous collection of work (..) Honestly stunning and life giving (..) it came at such the right time"

Sophia D. (United Kingdom)

"What a gorgeous collection of work (..)  As I am having somewhat of an existential crisis right now, this is one of my favourite and honestly the most beautiful words I've seen in a while (..) Honestly stunning and life giving (..) it came at such the right time"

Jasmin C. (Germany)

"A beautiful collection of short but rich poems that leave room for own interpretations.

In every poem I see relations to my own life and feel inspired me to question parts of it.

"17" is deep, honest and personal. A gift to read!"


Live Poetry 

Cyndi Hounouvi curates as well as hosts and reads her poetry regularly at events and poetry nights.


See when she is live next.

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17 is available in various formats:

Physical & Digital

(Paperback, Kindle, Tablets, Mobile Phone, Computer, Laptop)

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