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The first two singles,"Focus" & "Innerspace", of Hounouvi's upcoming EP are now available for listen everywhere. 


Hounouvi's latest music release "Innerspace" is out now on all music streaming platforms. 



"17" is now available for you.

".. This collection is a reminder that things will get better and you'll be fine. 

It's filled with reassuring words of wisdom and accountability as well as the honest sometimes overwhelming 

human experience.."

— Cyndi Hounouvi, the author about the poetry collection "17".

Live Events

Cyndi Hounouvi is regularly presenting pieces from her self-published poetry collection "17", performing her latest music releases and having empowering speaking engagements.

Women Community

As the co-founder, ceo, curator and presenter of SistaTalk Cyndi Hounouvi plays her part in creating and cultivating regular safe space events for the community of young Black women in Hamburg.

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