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  • When will my preOrder of "17" be dispatched?"
    PreOrders will be send out in love on January 17th by yours truly.
  • Can I shop "17" somewhere else?"
    Yes, you can! On my website, you can get eBooks (ebup + pdf) and signedcopies. On Amazon, you can buy KindleBooks and unsigned copies.
  • Why can't I find the paperpag of "17" on my Amazon marketplace?"
    Because the paperbag of "17" has a special non-standard size, Amazon won't make it available in every Amazon marketplace. Fortunaley, there are many other versions of the book "17" on my website, such as the eBooks and signed copies. My "Save %" recommendation: if you're an European reader, you'll save more by buying a signed paperbag on my website than a an unsigned paperbag on Amazon.
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